• Self Propelled Scissor Lift (Hydraulic Motor Drive)
    • Self Propelled Scissor Lift (Electic Motor Drive)
    • Scissor Lift with Motorized device

    Production Line

    Full Set of Painting Line


    We have a full set of spray equipment line wich can spray the parts with paint uniformly and make the color of the parts vividly. Because of this painting line, the paint of the machine will not be damaged easily.



    Blasting Machine


    Using the blasting machine to derust the profile can clear the rust clearly. After machine derusting our workers will use the derusting tools to remove the rust that hidding in ther corner. These derusting procedures will add the adhesiveness between the profile and paint.


    Arc Welding Machine


    In order to save the cost, most factories do not equipped with the Arc Welding Machine. Their workers are using welding torch which may cause the uneveness of the welding seam. As the machine can weld without stopping, the temperature is set, the welding beam is flat and even.

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