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Quality Control


Global Supply Chain-Materials & Components

The key components of the machine are imported to ensure the best quality, such as the electric distribution is from Schneider in France and the motor is from Bucher in Swiss. And all the alloy and steel materials and other main components are also first-class products in China.


Q/C Technical Support

Our Company has a R&D team of more than 30 engineers. In addition, because of our collaboration with top engineering universites in China, we are able to add additional engineering support in our never-ending quest to provide our customers with the finest technology available.

Strict quality control system has been implemented in each production procedure: imported key components are used to ensure high quality; advanced equipment is used for examining and control quality; every product is carefully tested before shipment; and all the quality complaints and improvement suggestions will be seriously studied, if reasonable, put into practice immediately. We have comprehensive monitoring system for the construction design process. In such way, we can not only control our costs, but also ensure the high quality of our products.


Production Process and Examination Details

The quality control is strictly in accordance with ISO9001 quality management system and CE requirement. When the products are finished, the inspection is 100% executed strictly

  1. Strict quality control system on the whole process of production
  2. Imported key arts to ensure the high quality of our products
  3. Advanced equipment and tools for examination and quality control
  4. 100% strict examining products before shipment
  5. All the quality complaints and improvement requirements are always be studied seriously, if reasonable, put into practice immediately.



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